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Our Story

Minimal life 

When people think about minimalism they will think of Monochrome houses, interiors and wardrobes etc. 

Minimalism doesn't have to be dull and no desire. 

If colour brings you joy, then it belongs. 

Your minimalism can be bright but essential and simple but colourful. 

One furniture, different colors

We believe furniture is elemental to your perception of home.


And furniture is one of the few things you see everyday, from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed.


We believe your taste of color evolves with time and your life experience. 

With our product and service, you can manipulate colors on our furniture whenever you want! 

We never sell furniture with wood veneer (or decorative veneer) on top because we believe they destroy the character of wood.


We provide the means that you can change the color on your furniture season by season! 

Wooden furniture and wood coatings 

Decorative veneer is made of plastic with printed wood grain.

Wood veneer is made of sliced outermost layer of wood.

While both of the wood grain may look real and natural, the main material may not be the same species as the veneer. 

Some of them are blended cheap wood material for economic efficiency, this kills the whole texture and feeling real wood.

Our wood coating’s formula perfectly carry your favorite colors and penetrates into your wooden furniture.

Smell free coatings

Most of our coating products are water-based, meaning odor or smell-free, absolutely low VOC, and eco-friendly.

Unlike other wooden furniture, manufacturers may use solvent-based coatings which seems economical but it is scientifically proved causing long-term adverse effect to your health and the environment.

By joining us you can control the last process of manufacturing our furniture and can make sure it is environmentally friendly.